University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.
President's Message

Saeed A. Raza - President UET AlumniI welcome you to this website and appreciate your interest in UET-AA Lahore North America chapter. By drawing your attention to the objectives of UET-AA as stated on our website, I wish to emphasize that we owe to Pakistan our gratitude for giving us our identity and to the people of Pakistan, its institutions and the civil society that helped making us what we are now. We may not be able to pay back all it deserves from us, but at least we should recognize our duty to do whatever we can. This is in this spirit that UET-AA(University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Alumni Association) has been established with the objective to bring together Alumni residing in North America and faculty of UET in order to foster scientific development and education in the field of engineering, and to provide educational and material help to UET and bring it to the international standards. Let us work together towards this noble objective and ensure that our friends at home feel that we have not forgotten our duty to our beloved country. God bless you all.

Saeed A. Rana
President - UET-AA Lahore North America


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