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UET Alumni Association of North America was originally started in 1997 by a handful of Alumni in Washington DC area. The organization became inactive in 1998, and was restarted under the guidance and encouragement of Sajjad Durrani (UET1946EE) in Washington DC area in April 2007. The organization website was developed with the help of two UET alumni, Imran Akram and Tanwir Malik both UET1981EE.

The membership drive was started in May 2007 and by the end of 2007, we had 165 members. The membership increased substantially during 2008 to 651 alumni (four times the 2007 enrolment) on January 6, 2009. Initially, the association had chapters in thee big geographic regions, USA East, USA West, and combined Canada and Alaska. In August 2008, due to increase in membership and to address the needs of membership in different geographical locations, three additional chapters were added. Additional chapters or subchapters may be added in the future on as need basis. Each chapter is headed by a regional vice president who is responsible for the operation of each area with the help of local members. The president, secretary, and treasurer of the UET Alumni association are responsible for coordinating the activities of the regions, maintain contact with the UET administration, and provide assistance and guidance as needed.

Executive Officers and Regions:

Region Name UET Session Title Location
Center Saeed A. Rana 51- Civil President Maryland
US Eastern Region Irfan Malik 72 - Mech Vice President Maryland
US Western Region Moazzam Chaudry 93 - Elect Vice President California
US Northern Region Hafiz Aslam Malik 90 - Elect Vice President Michigan
US Southern Region Tauseef Salma 86 - Chem Vice President Texas
Eastern Canada Shamim Sheikh 67 - Civil Vice President Ontario
Western Canada Sohaib Wasif 76 - Civil Vice President Alberta
Center Abdul Hai Sheikh 62 - Civil Secretary Maryland
Center Amir Khawaja 82 - Mech Treasurer Maryland

Major Activities During 2008:

US Eastern Region

On April 5, 2008, the US Eastern region of the UET Alumni Association in cooperation with the UET Alumni central organization held a dinner and a musical evening at the World Bank/IMF club in the Washington metropolitan area. This event was attended by about 200 guests including over 60 alumni from different parts of USA, which was the largest number of UET alumni assembled any where outside Pakistan.

The event started with a social hour where UET alumni, spouses and guests met long lost friends and classmates. After Maghrib prayers and recitation from the Quran by Hafiz Dr. Kalimulla, UET-AA Vice president Irfan Malik welcomed the guests and the alumni. This was followed by the video message from the UET Vice Chancellor General Muhammad Akram in which he provided the current status of the UET and its needs. UET-AA president Saeed Rana then provided an historical background of the UET and the UET-AA. The keynote address at the dinner was delivered by the UET Alumnus, Professor Adil Najam, a Nobel Laureate, who is the Director of the Pardee Center at the Boston University.

On October 11, 2008, the Eastern Region of the UET Alumni Association organized a technical seminar and panel discussion titled "Pakistan's Energy Needs" in Potomac, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC. The seminar was attended by about fifty participants many of whom are professionals actively associated with the energy field. A large percentage of attendees were alumni of the University and Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.

The focus of the seminar was to build on collective experiences of the panelists, each a recognized authority in their areas, to put forward constructive ideas that can help Pakistan meet its energy needs in a timely manner utilizing established and alternate sources.

Future activities planned for the US Eastern region include formation of additional chapters in New York/ New Jersey area, and holding another UET event in Washington DC metro area. Will report further progress in the next conference call.

US Western Region

UET Alumni in the region have recently started a technology transfer program to UET. Lectures by subject matter experts are relayed live from San Jose by video conference to students and faculty at UET Lahore. The first lecture was held In November 2008. There was a large attendance of students and faculty at the UET from different universities. Current plan is to schedule one lecture every quarter.

Western USA region is also planning to sponsor a breakfast/mentoring program for the junior alumni in the Silicon Valley area. They are also planning to hold a reunion event some time in March 2009.

The alumni in the Silicon Valley area recently deliberated about the issue of UET Alumni Association providing financial aid/scholarships to UET and its students as noted in the existing bylaws of the UET Alumni Association. The consensus was to put this issue on back burner and proceed with other activities.

Canada Western Region

Canada Western Region started with a bang. It held the first luncheon and social get together for the alumni and their families on July 2008 under the leadership of Sohaib Wasif. A total of 62 persons, including 28 alumni attended this event. There were lively discussions about the need and activities of the UET Alumni Association. This was followed by two other meetings in August and October 2008.

Recently, key members of the chapter held a meeting to plan arrangements for holding Project Management Lecture Series to help alumni with preparation for PMP & CCE programs certification.

Another social get together (high tea) is planned by Dr. Tariq Cheema with support from Sohaib Wasif/Engineer Azhar Hussain for January 3, 2009 at Edmonton in which large participation is expected. In the mean time, key chapter members have spent considerable effort to locate and register other Alumni residents in Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Lethbridge.

In another major development, Sohaib Wasif has contacted Engineer Naveed Qureshi based in Victoria to help organize the UETians in British Columbia. Sohaib Wasif is backing up Engineer Naveed Qureshi for the membership ship drive efforts. Plans are to hold the first get together in Vancouver by Spring 2009.

Canada Eastern Region

Eastern Canada started in July 2008 with a meeting of eight alumni at a local restaurant. This was followed by efforts to build membership first in greater Toronto area by personal contacts and emails. All this work paid off. As of December 31, 2008, 71 members who are resident of Ontario province are registered on the website. Now with the help of Professor Shamim Sheikh and Mazhar Shafiq, the chapter is developing bylaws/procedures for the group. They also plan to have an event in Toronto area in early spring of 2009.

During the last few weeks, Shamim Sheikh has been exploring Dr. Aftab Mufti, Civil Engineering professor at the University of Manitoba and Dr. Baidar Bakht, a Bridge Engineer in Toronto, to establish a Bridge Institute at UET Lahore.

US Southern Region

This is a new chapter and held its first meeting on November 2, 2008 in Houston, Texas. Six alumni attended the meeting. They discussed diverse issues about increasing membership, share information and industry trends, improve web interface, contribute articles of interest to be added to the UET alumni website, and advise current UET students about life and job opportunities in USA. The next meeting is planned for February 2009. As of December 31, 2008, there are 27 alumni who are resident of Texas state are registered on the website.

US North Region

This is a new chapter and Hafiz Aslam Malik needs all the help to get it started.


The main focus at the center during the last year has been to increase membership, find volunteers and help them to start new chapters and organize activities, keep the members informed about the activities thru emails and web updates, coordinate with the regions, and get registered as a non-profit tax-exempt organization with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In addition, we were in constant contact with UET administration, including in person meetings with several deans of the UET and vice chancellor in Lahore and at Washington DC. In addition, we supported Social Welfare Activities (SWA) USA, a tax-exempt organization for awarding scholarships to students at the UET. Furthermore, we made arrangements for UET Alumnus, Professor Mohammad Ilyas, Dean of Electrical Engineering, Florida Atlantic University to help with UET degree accreditation process in USA.

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