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Social Welfare Activities (SWA)

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Social Welfare Activities Incorporated (SWA) was incorporated as non-profit tax exempt organization (IRS Tax ID 510432646) in 2004. It was founded by four Pakistani American women, two whom are the spouses of the UET alumni. The organization accounts are audited annually, and SWA is currently listed as a charitable organization with the US Combined Federal Campaign. The goal of the SWA is to make a difference in different communities of USA and abroad by helping individuals to attain better education and health. So far the SWA has supported a homeless shelter for Muslim women in Gaithersburg, Maryland, provided Eid gifts to inner city Muslim school students in Washington DC, contributed to free medical clinic for non-insured in Maryland, and helped the program of a non-profit artificial limbs factory in Lahore, Pakistan.

In January 2007, SWA established contact with UET placement bureau, and provided scholarships to the students enrolled at the university based on a transparent process based on merit and need. With the help of 10 UET alumni and other donors, SWA has sent $15300 to the UET to support this program. In September 2008, 18 scholarship recipients graduated from the UET. Currently, SWA is providing scholarships to 11 students. We had to scale back our program in 2008 due to lack of funding. The money is distributed to the students every quarter (3 months) since January 2007. The last installment of $3015.00 was sent to the UET in September 2008. Professor Dr. Syed Tahir Ali Gilani of the UET placement bureau personally selects the students and hands out checks to scholarship recipients. A representative of the SWA is always present to ensure accountability during these events. SWA does not have any overhead and 100 percent of the donations are distributed to the needy persons.

Additional donations are required to complete SWA commitment to the UET scholarship recipients for 2009. SWA intends to expand this program based on the response from UET alumni. It is a way to pay back for the great education UET provided that enabled the alumni to be here in USA and Canada living a comfortable life. It is also a wonderful opportunity to help change the lives of families for generations to come at minimal cost. SWA needs a minimum amount of $12000 in 2009 to meet its obligations and continue this program.

Your donations are tax deductible in USA. SWA does not have any operating expenses. All of our activities are performed by volunteers, and 100 percent of your contributions are used to help support disadvantaged and needy.

Please send checks to:

Social Welfare Activities (SWA)
14728 Botany Way
N. Potomac, MD 20878

For additional information, please contact

Abdul Hai Sheikh at 301-294-0860 (Evenings)

or email at


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